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Design Commission Hearings

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Canada Goose online Last week, the City of Portland’s Design Commission gave its annual State of the City Design Report to City Council, a relatively overlooked event that is usually seen as more of a formality than one of great public interest. This go around it seemed different, more important than in years past, as the city is undergoing a massive construction boom which has brought a record number of cases in front of the Design Review panel. Canada Goose online

canada goose deals The intended limitations of the Commission has caused delays in the review process, and has resulted in a general slowing in the development pipeline as individual cases all vie to be seen as quickly as possible in this time of economic upswing. getting a proper timer) that has reduced delays and overruns. buy canada goose jacket But the canada goose uk outlet task force still sees room for improvement. The Commission and the local American Institute of Architects chapter as well as numerous others in the design profession and the public at large would like to see more review, not less, canada goose as the city continues to develop at its perceived canada goose store rapid pace. canada goose deals

cheap Canada Goose As noted during the report, the Comprehensive Plan Update will address many of the issues that are currently challenging the city built environment, but that plan will not fully take effect for years as the details are still being hashed out in a willingly arduous, all inclusive manner. cheap Canada Goose

Canada Goose Outlet The Design Commission was created with the goal of improving architecture and urban design in the central city. It aimed at reducing the vast number of blank walls and lifeless streets that the automobile age had unintentionally and haphazardly created. In the past, the State of the City Design Report has been focused on the importance of design review, design appropriateness, long term planning, and inequality issues regarding new development in the city downtown core and immediate surrounding neighborhoods. Canada Goose Outlet

Canada Goose sale Now, however, the Design Commission is seeing more proposals than ever before, and the city is receiving pressure from neighborhood activists and associations to include the “d” design overlay (designating areas where projects fall under Design Commission review, mostly in the central city) across the entire canada goose coats city as a means to rein in what is perceived as the uncontrolled and inappropriate growth. The review process is something that is unfamiliar and commonly misunderstood by many, but it is generally regarded as valuable and increasingly important as the city grows. Canada Goose sale

Portland is not alone in this influx cheap canada goose uk of new developments, as many American cities are currently experiencing similar construction booms, created by a combination of repressed supply and the fear of the impending increase in Federal Reserve interest rates. As an example, our neighbor to the north, Seattle, has the equivalent of one quarter of Portland downtown office space (6 million square feet) currently under construction, with even more proposed to start in the coming years.

Portland boom is primarily residential in nature, with a sharp increase in apartment building and an unprecedented number of buy canada goose jacket cheap new hotel units, over 2000, currently proposed or under construction. The city growing pains are exacerbated by the wholesale condominium conversions that took place during the last housing boom that greatly reduced the city inventory of existing rental apartments. Additionally, Portland uk canada goose outlet strict zoning code unintentionally prices most residents out of canada goose coats on sale their own homes by limiting the housing supply in the guise of preserving neighborhood character, a duality that inadvertently pits the preservation of forest and farmland against existing neighborhood aesthetics and density.

buy canada goose jacket Ross Island and South Waterfront (photo by Brian Libby) buy canada goose jacket

In the State of the City Design Report, the Design Commission recommend five changes: (1) make design review mandatory throughout the city based on the scope of new development projects; (2) create an additional design review team to oversee this inclusion; (3) update the Community Design Standards as an alternative to design review; (4) rethink the housing bonus to include affordable and low income units; and (5) remove residential as an acceptable ground floor use along commercial corridors. As with the nature of recommendations, none of canada goose black friday sale these action items were immediately accepted, but the first three changes were welcomed by the City Council and the event commentators.

canada goose coats Canada Goose Outlet on sale Generally, expanding design review was seen as a potential means of addressing the current neighborhood and design community concerns without encroaching on the ongoing revision process of the Comprehensive Plan. But updating the Community Design Standards would be an onerous process in itself and probably implausible at this time. What the new design overlay would look like, what initiates a review, and how it would be orchestrated are currently unknown, but the mayor, Charlie Hales, was keen on Canada Goose sale the idea, which means these changes could be explored sooner rather than later. The recommendation to change the language of the automatic housing bonus is an interesting idea, especially since the original intent was to increase the housing supply in the city core, canada goose clearance a goal that no longer needs incentive due to market conditions. Rewriting that particular bonus would be premature however, as any new housing policy would be reliant on the outcome of the Comprehensive Plan Update. canada goose coats on sale

canada goose black friday sale The most interesting change to be recommended, and one that could be implemented immediately, is a moratorium on residential ground uses for commercial corridors. The Design Commission ran through numerous examples on Burnside Street, Hawthorne Boulevard, and Martin Luther King Boulevard where such uses have actually broken up contiguous retail storefronts with dead space. The original intent was to create a mix of ground floor spaces, dynamic and interactive, but instead Canada Goose Jackets of the porches and stoops dreamed up by city planners, reality tends to repetitiously repeat closed doors painted the same color as the walls flush around them accompanied by a permanent set of adjacent window blinds. As currently written, code allows for residential uses in any commercial zone, regardless if it’s a high rise or a main street storefront, which means that the review team cannot object even if they deem it inappropriate for the location. That does not mean that the reviewers have been silent on this issue, as many times their advice has led to ground floor changes that were ultimately beneficial to the developer. In cases where ground floor commercial uses are unfeasible due to market conditions, the Design Commission recommends having the discretion to allow residential uses with the caveat that it could be adaptable to future retail uses with higher ceilings, open layouts, and ADA accessibility. Live/work units, such as those in the Pearl District or on upper Hawthorne, are a good example of how to accomplish successful adaptable ground floor spaces. The end goal is not to have commercial on every street, the goal is to maintain active uses along specific corridors where they are already thriving. canada goose black friday sale

Regardless of whether any of these proposed changes actually come to fruition or not, the Design Commission is proving to be incredibly successful in positively impacting our built environment. There was ample testimony that reiterated the importance and benefits of the commission, and what their efforts have meant to the city.

buy canada goose jacket cheap With the current polarization of neighborhood associations, which is directly related to the prevalent anti density groundswell, it is more important than ever to have a team of professionals who understand all sides of development to help bridge the emotionally charged divide between growth and preservation. It a way of ensuring architectural quality not just in individual buildings, but across the city fabric. buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose clearance The Design Commission has always had critics. You can legislate or negotiate good design, they argue: you can only hope to prevent the worst designs. It costs building owners and developers lots of time and many thousands of dollars to go through the process, bringing uncertainty to an Canada Goose Parka already often risky venture. And can you really judge and arbitrate aesthetics? Isn one person eyesore another masterpiece? canada goose clearance

canada goose store Yet for all these concerns, canadian goose jacket the Design Commission is arguably a big component of what makes Portland urban design world renowned. canada goose store

“I think this process and the fabric of Portland is in fact our brand,” architect and former Design Commission chair Mike McCulloch said in a May 31 City Club talk. “The number of groups that we all have toured around, that come from all over the planet and ask, ‘How did you do this? This is such a wonderful city. Developer John Russell, another panelist, was instrumental in its founding, while strategic planning consultant, Millius, currently serves as chair.

“It has long been said that the city’s design review process can’t mandate great buildings, but it can prevent truly bad ones. But as I survey Portland’s current boom, particularly in the neighborhoods, I’m not so sure the latter is true anymore,” Gragg said in his opening remarks. “One only need stroll to the Pearl district to see how well design review can work, where the sum cheap canada goose jackets has become greater than its parts. But more recently elsewhere in the city we’re seeing additions I think are subtracting Canada Goose Coats On Sale from the city. And never before in history have there been so many building permits released.”

Russell talked about the genesis of the Design Commission, which was inspired by the construction of the Congress Center (downtown between Fifth, Sixth, Main and Salmon). The office tower is oppressive at the street level, with no storefronts along busy Sixth Avenue and canada goose uk shop massive granite slabs at its corners. “We need some ability to get a subjective judgment, not a prescription but a subjective judgment, about how these buildings should work at the ground floor,” Russell said. Canada Goose Online “The ground floor is what separates urban buildings from suburban buildings: they’re a pleasure to walk by.”

canadian goose jacket McCulloch, who was part of the Design Commission from 1996 2007 and spent five years as its chair, said he came to Oregon as architect “because this kind of discussion was going on, and because it wasn’t a place in which you had to wait forever in a back room somewhere be given the opportunity to say something about the built environment. We participate here. We talk about it at the neighborhood level. We talk about it between professionals. And we work our planners and cheap Canada Goose politicians pretty hard about how this city is made. I came to Portland to join that. Design review seemed to me to be the perfect place in which to participate in this discussion, and for me as a designer to affect that discussion a little bit.” canadian goose jacket

canada goose coats The biggest change in the Design Commission under McCulloch watch was the creation of Design Advice Review, which enables architects and their clients to receive guidance earlier in the process. He realized that if the Commission rejected a design, “then the team who had spent all this time and effort was kind of back to square one. What we tried to do was to make the review process work more the way the architectural design process works, which is starting with concepts.” canada goose coats

canada goose South Waterfront (photo by Brian Libby) canada goose

Millius, who serves as the body current chair, has been on the Commission in times of boom, bust, and boom again. Her first hearing was in 2006, an eight canada goose clearance sale hour marathon that was common during this time of real estate speculation. “We were just flattened by the load. One night in 2007 we reviewed a million square feet of real estate,” canada goose uk black friday she recalls. “So it was pretty different when the crash came. really slowed down. We went from two hearings a month to sometimes one. I remember one month when there was none. it was frankly difficult to be the stand bearer for quality and permanence when you knew that every project that came in was hanging on by its fingernails. Everyone was having a hard time. “.

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